What Are The Benefits of Doggie Daycare?
Dog daycare is a dream come true for people who work long hours or simply don’t have the time to exercise high-energy dogs. With Doggie daycare, your dog gets the proper exercise, socialization with other dogs and people, and eliminates messes that the dog would make while alone at home.

What Makes K-9 Country Club Unique?
As a smaller company, we greatly value every dog, every customer and employee. We foster a family like atmosphere where clients and staff always feel comfortable and welcomed. Each client goes home with a well exercised and well  adjusted dog. We care and realize the importance of your dog, and work with each dog based upon individual needs, while offering the tender loving care they would expect at home

Why is Exercise so Important?
Exercise Is the Biggest Benefit of Doggie daycare. Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, says, “A tired dog is a happy dog,” and while some trainers disagree with his methods, all trainers agree with this truism. When dogs don’t get enough exercise, they find their own ways to entertain themselves. They may destroy shoes, eat remote controls, ruin the couch or even let themselves out to find something to do. Giving your dog enough exercise makes him happy, content and well-mannered, and it can save your home from utter chaos and destruction.

Do Dogs Need Social Interactions?
Yes! Dogs are pack animals. They like to interact with other people and dogs. Dog daycare gives your dog a chance to have fun with his canine pals while you’re off doing important business.

Can My Dog Learn to Socialize?
Yes, dogs can learn to socialize. Well-socialized dogs are more likely to get along with other dogs and people, and you can feel comfortable taking them out because you know they’ll behave. The socialization aspect of daycare may seem intangible, but it yields very real benefits when you take your dog out in public.

I Have A Small Dog. Will They be Safe?
Yes. Small dogs are separated into specific areas for small dogs only. There are never any big dogs mixed in with the small dogs

What is The Small Dog Facility Like?
We have a newly renovated facility for your small dog’s comfort, enjoyment and education in mind. We are a fully air conditioned facility, providing fresh water, a designated potty area and a host of doggie toys and apparatus.

How Can Doggie Daycare Help Puppies?
Doggie daycare can help puppies learn canine socializing. If dogs do not learn canine etiquette & receive adequate socializing, dogs can experience shyness, fear and other problems throughout their lives.

How Often Should I Let My Dog Out?
As a rule, you shouldn’t ask your dog to wait more than eight hours for a break. If you know you’ll have a 10 or 12 hour day coming up, arrange for him to spend the day in daycare. Even the best-trained dog has accidents when you ask him to wait too long before going outside.

What Else You Do Offer at K-9 Country Club?
As we are a full service facility our daycare attendees become very comfortable with the surroundings and the staff making a much more relaxed stress free environment for grooming visits as well as the occasional need for boarding stays.

We have numerous spaces for the dogs to play in smaller groups of 4-6 other dogs of the same size, age and energy levels, with 5 separate indoor areas specifically designed for smaller breeds, 5 indoor areas for medium/large breeds all fully temperate controlled , as well as 12 large outdoor areas that are shaded we will always have room for your furry friends.

We are a Family Owned and operated facility, operated by me Holly Edwards, and assisted by my  husband John, Our two daughters Katheryn and Layne are now working in the operation, and our youngest Johnathan is very eager to join us when he gets just a couple years older, however even he cannot resist the dogs and helps out and plays with them quite a bit. In addition to the family we have several other employees to care for the dogs all of whom have been with us for many years and have become part of the K9 family , and friends to many of our customers, knowing the regulars and quickly learning about our new friends and any issues they might have, sensitive tummies, medication needs , there doggie friends, or any of their other quirky ways.

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