Introducing Our Newly Revamped Small Dog Playrooms!

Small Dog Daycare

We here At K-9 Country Club wanted to create a new environment especially for small breed dogs so we designed and built a specialized area focusing on safety , hygiene , reduced stress play areas while emphasizing a comfortable unique atmosphere, where we can truly have the space to truly separate playgroups by size , age and energy levels , while keeping the number of pets per group at a safe number of 4-5 Per group allowing us to individually interact and observe them, placing them with their preferred friends.

The indoor play areas are fully temperate controlled , so rain or shine , hot or cold we can provide a comfortable situation for play, our outside play areas have permanent coverage to provide shade , making it easier for us to help maintain frequent outdoor potty trips so as to help you train your puppies and maintain the potty training that was already accomplished with your adult dogs.

Please refer to our FAQ for more information on our daycare.



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